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Eco-logic Ashtray

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free personal ashtray

LePoket is a whole new concept for a pocket ashtray:
You just slide a packet of cigarettes into it.
It is practical, efficient and offers a powerful new medium for ecological advertising and marketing that can be fully customised with your own message.
Aimed at companies, local authorities, non-profit organisations… that want to protect our eco-

In The World,  each Day, 12 billion cigarette filters end in up in the environment.
Each filter contains more than
4000 toxic substances and can pollute up to 500 litres of water.
Incredibly simple to use, LePoket is the first pocket ashtray to also extinguish and collect the cigarette filters without taking up space in the smoker's pocket. Highly innovative in that it does not require the cigarette to be stubbed out first, as this is extinguished in a few seconds due to lack of oxygen.

An innovative, ecological and practical concept
An entirely new medium for communications and advertising
LePoket is new, useful and draws attention from a very wide audience

It allows you to communicate and to protect the environment


Because picking up cigarette filters is so difficult, or even impossible in the great outdoors,
Give these away to your audience and your clients!
Use it and re-use it, anywhere outside: on beaches and ski runs, anywhere in the outdoors, at ports, rivers, campsites and on café terraces, in the street, at festivals…


disposable pocket Ashtray


Free Pocket ashtray
Use butts pocket ashtray
poket pocket-ashtray

1) Slide your packet of cigarette into it

2) Put the butt in
fired inside

3) the filter stops
burning in less than
20 seconds


Un conditionnement en barquette de 250 pièces limite l'encombrement et facilite la distribution
Un présentoir vertical ou horizontal qui s'adapte à toutes les configurations

Presentation Kit portable ashtray Presentation Kit pocket ashtray
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Presented in displays holding 250 units, taking up little space and facilitating distribution

Vertical and horizontal displays suit all configurations

Process printing with vegetable based inks - Imprim'vert Label

Designed and manufactured in France - Registered trademark and patent

Our models fit 80% of standard cigarette packets. (Except JPS, News, Gauloise, Royale et Fortuna)


Standard models
Shipped within 3 days.

Recommended for small runs and smaller budgets
We regularly print new designs to allow you to benefit from reduced costs and faster shipping. Whether your focus is on saving the environment or on saving costs, LePoket ashtrays will save you hours of cleaning and will help raise the awareness of this problem amongst smokers.

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beach pocket-ashtray personal ashtray ecologic ashtray

An innovative and eco-friendly
advertising medium, always
at hand for the smoker

Sticker models
Recommended for runs of 100 or more

As for all printed items, personalisation comes with fixed
costs that make small runs uneconomical.
For small runs, we have a range of designs that can be
personalised with stickers, which are 100% biodegradable
in keeping with our policy of environmental protection
and awareness.
These stickers are delivered already stuck onto the model of your choice.

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eco-friendly pocket-ashtray
eco-friendly ashtray, ecologic ashtray

Branded with your own message
Your own full colour message
on a sticker

Personalised Models
Your designs printed in full colour
Recommended for 2500 ex. or more

For your marketing or advertising campaigns, the personalised
is made just for you. One side can be fully personalised and it may well be possible
to use a scaled version of one of your existing marketing
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goodies pocket or mobile ashtray poket butts pockets ashtrays
pocket ashtrays

Advertise and raise

Sure to create a stir amongst your clients or your audience…
Your message will be seen on average 450 times!
Based on an average of 15 cigarettes per day and the LePoket ashtray being used for 1 month, each ashtray will be seen 450 times by the smoker and potentially many times by their friends, colleagues or even members of the general public.
If you order 10,000 ashtrays, your message will be seen
4 million times!
Different distribution methods allow for very precise targeting; free in cigarette shops, bars, festivals, trade fairs…
95% of cigarette outlets are happy to distribute free ashtrays.

Environmental Impact

A pocket ashtray to protect our eco-systems
Leave your mark on people's minds, not on nature.

Cigarette filters not only have a negative visual impact, they also contain toxic and carcinogenic substances.

These permeate and pollute our environment, and all end up, more or less directly in our watercourses and in our ground water.

Too small, they are neither filtered nor treated by sewerage treatment plants.

These pollutants poison and kill our ecosystems. They can be found in the digestive systems of fish and birds…

The cigarette filter is indeed top of the list for marine pollution.

They are also the cause of a large number of forest fires (95% of forest fires are caused by cigarette filters, barbecues and camp fires).

Each cigarette filter:
- contains nearly 4000 toxic substances of which 50 are carcinogenic.
- can take
1 to 3 years to disappear.
- can pollute up to 500 litres of water or 1 cubic metre of snow.

Butts pollution

4 cigarette filters:
thrown away by 1 smoker, during events attended by 40,000 people:
100,000 cigarette filters thrown away per day.
= 150 hours of cleaning up if the event is outdoors!

LePoket raises awareness amongst smokers of the huge impact of throwing away a few small filters, leading to huge costs for cleaning up and on the environment.
promotional pocket ashtray
pocket ashtray beach pocket ashtrays


Does the ashtray not catch fire?
Combustion needs oxygen.
By pushing the packet back into the ashtray case, the air is expelled and the filter stops burning in less than 20 seconds. So the packet's card and plastic wrapper do not burn.
It is advisable for safety reasons to wait for 30 seconds before re-opening the LePoket ashtray and before emptying the filters into a bin.

How many filters can the LePoket ashtray hold?
The LePoket can hold up to 10 filters, but the smoker will usually find a bin before then to empty their pocket ashtray. The aim is not to replace all the ashtrays that the smoker uses, but to provide a small convenient ashtray that is always at hand, especially in places where ashtrays are not available.

Does it smell?
A cigarette filter that has been « suffocated » smells much less than one that has been stubbed out, because there is less surface area in contact with the air. The strongest smell is from unburned tobacco. Once emptied the ashtray retains no smell and can be re-used.
Why use LePoket ashtrays rather than the traditional sand filled pots?
The sand ashtray does not convey a positive image, on the contrary if it is near by, it will offer a negative image and smell bad even for smokers.
LePoket is an advertising medium, an eco-friendly gift
and a marketing opportunity that highlights the advertiser's green credentials.

How do non-smokers perceive the ashtray?
Unhappy with smoke, non-smokers are not happy either with the pollution from a product that they disapprove of. They are often the first to complain about the visual pollution and health threats from cigarette filters. So they frequently equip themselves with LePoket ashtrays to raise awareness amongst their friends or neighbours.

Are there other kinds of pocket ashtrays?
These have been around for a long time, but LePoket is the first that takes up no extra space in the smoker's pocket, and which is always with the smoker (as it provides a case for the cigarette packet).

Is it necessary to remove the plastic wrapper on the cigarette packet?
No! The lack of oxygen when the LePoket is closed, prevents any combustion and "suffocates" the cigarette filter very quickly. The plastic wrapper will show you just how quickly when you see that the wrapper, although made from heat sensitive plastic film, does not always get hot enough to crinkle.

Can LePoket be used with all cigarette packets?
Our models fit 80% of standard cigarette packets. (Except Fortuna and Gauloise)
In France, only a few brands are sold in non-standard packets.

Why is there such a large difference in price depending on the quantity ordered?
Anyone who has ever had business cards printed will know that there are fixed costs up front that make the first cards printed very expensive. The cost for additional quantities is negligible.
For the ashtray this problem is made worse by the number of operations (printing, cut-out, folding, sticking…) and there is therefore a fixed cost for the setting up of each machine. Below a certain number, it is therefore very difficult to achieve cost effective prices. For very large runs however, additional costs are only for the card and the ink, making them very cost effective.


Registered trademark and patents Lepoket. EcoLabel Imprim'vert.

Lepoket.com -  6 avenue Pierre Sémard - 11100 Narbonne - France - Tel: +33 (0)7 86 13 73 68
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